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Wings of Glory: The Air Force Story (DVD)

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The story of the United States Air Force is a long and proud one, beginning with the first flight of the Wright Brothers and taking its first rudimentary steps in the swirling aerial combat of World War I in the skies over France. When World War II clearly establishes the need for a separate service, the United States Air Force is born. The first challenge for the new service is just over the horizon, as planes of the Air Force engage in the first jet air-to-air combat in the crimson skies of Korea.

Come with us and witness the growth of the Air Force over the years through the authentic archival images filmed by the combat cameramen of America's air service. Learn the special story of the men and planes who wrested control of the skies from the enemy and provided America with security from airborne attack. This is the exclusive story of the evolution of American airpower from its early beginnings through the birth of the jet age. Discover how the Air Force grew from a few daring men to a force with capabilities beyond the wildest dreams of the early aviation visionaries. This is the official story of the Air Force, the story of Wings of Glory.