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Living Forest Series (12 paperbacks)

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If you have children who enjoy true-life nature tales featuring humorous animal anecdotes, then they are in for a treat. Beginning in 1943, the author, Sam Campbell, set out to write twelve exciting and entertaining books about the hilarious antics of North American forest life. These true-life adventure tales have broad appeal, entertaining young children and adults alike.

Nicknamed the philosopher of the forest, Sam Campbell was a writer, photographer, radio personality, promoter, lecturer and especially a devoted student of living nature. His summer home, which he titled the Sanctuary of Wegimind, was a game preserve in the forests of northern Wisconsin, near the town of Three Lakes. There he studied, mainly in the summertime, the ways of wild animals, "their habits, their work, their play, and the examples they set for human beings in right living."

The Living Forest Series (by Sam Campbell) includes:
Vol 1: How's Inky?
Vol 2: Too Much Salt and Pepper
Vol 3: Eeny, Meeny, Miney, Mo - and Still Mo!
Vol 4: A Tippy Canoe and Canada Too
Vol 5: On Wings of Cheer
Vol 6: Moose Country
Vol 7: The Seven Secrets of Somewhere Lake
Vol 8: Loony Coon
Vol 9: Fiddlesticks and Freckles
Vol 10: Beloved Rascals
Vol 11: Sweet Sue's Adventures
Vol 12: Calamity Jane