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Whatever Happened to Penny Candy? (Seventh Edition)

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This clearly written, award-winning book about economics is a remarkably easy and fun explanation of money (its origin and history), the dollar (its origin and history), investment cycles, velocity, business cycles, recessions, inflation, the demand for money, government (its economic behavior), and more. All explanations and interpretations are according to the Austrian and Monetarist schools of economic theory.

Using the epistolary style of writing (using letters to tell a story), author Richard J. Maybury plays the part of an economist (Uncle Eric) writing a series of letters to his niece or nephew (Chris). Using stories and examples (including historical events from Ancient Rome), Mr. Maybury explains economic principles, giving interesting and clear explanations of topics that are generally thought to be too difficult for anyone but experts. Mr. Maybury warns, "Beware of anyone who tells you a topic is above you or better left to experts. Many people are twice as smart as they think they are, but they've been intimidated into believing some topics are above them. You can understand almost anything if it is explained well."

Whatever Happened to Penny Candy? is essential for every student, businessperson and investor. It was recommended by the late William Simon, former U.S. Treasury Secretary and is also on many recommended reading lists (see reviews), and has, as part of the Uncle Eric series, been voted a First Place Winner in the Government Category of Mary Pride's Practical Homeschooling� Reader Awards�! for the past four years.

To improve the student's learning experience, also purchase the student study guide for Whatever Happened to Penny Candy? titled A Bluestocking Guide: Economics


What to look for in the seventh edition:

1) New: Beyond the Basics "Fear Has Become the Driver". An explanation regarding how human emotions can affect the economy.
2) Updated: Runaway inflations.
3) Updated: Nations and Legal Systems.
4) Updated and/or Revised: graphs, charts, and back matter.
5) Minor updates throughout to reflect current numbers, statistics, dates, and data.


Paperback.  168 pages, quality paper, 8.5 x 5.5 inches.

Reading level: Ages 13 through Adult. Though some of our readers have introduced the book to their children as young as 9 years of age.

Course Uses:  is appropriate for courses in economics, business, finance, government and Ancient Rome.

Corresponding student study guide: A Bluestocking Guide: Economics

Series Information: Whatever Happened to Penny Candy?is part of the 11 book series: Uncle Eric's Model of How The World Works.
Though there is a recommended order of reading for the series, the books can be read in any order, and each have been written to stand alone.