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What Would the Founding Fathers Think?

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There is a HUGE need for effective, engaging resources that teach YOUNG people what America is truly all about. Kids don’t just innately acquire that knowledge. The principles of liberty that are at the founding of this great nation need to be infused into them long before they reach “voting age.”

However, in addition to appreciating the intentions of our Founding Fathers, Preteens & Teens need to understand how incredibly off the mark our nation is today! The United States of America (as a whole) is NOT living true to those founding principles. We, as conservative adults, know this. We get it. We understand the need to get back to our roots.

But how do we help them get it? How do we communicate this discrepancy between past wisdom and present folly to the next generation, our kids and our grandkids? In a society run amuck with messages of entitlement and liberal, “progressive” solutions, how do we prepare the next generation to “take the reins” of this great nation?

That is what makes “What Would the Founding Fathers Think?” so unique. It teaches both! It enables young people to make the connection between past and present. It is, as the subtitle suggests, “A YOUNG Americans Guide to Understanding What Makes Our Nation Great… AND… How We’ve Strayed”

Once they appreciate both sides of the equation (past founding vs. present floundering), they will want to keep learning and actually DO SOMETHING about the mess our country is in.

As James Madison puts it, “A well-instructed people alone can be permanently a free people.”

It’s time to instruct AND MAKE IT “FUN!"

“What Would the Founding Fathers Think?” accomplishes this task in a fun, visual, creative way (which is a must when trying to reach young people). It’s got to be enjoyable, something they WANT to pick up and read.

The book's premise? Benjamin Franklin invents a time machine, enabling him (and fellow founders, George Washington and James Madison) to travel to the 21st century to see what has become of their United States "experiment".

In an effort to teach the rising generation, these Founding Fathers engage “modern young people” in a CHAT room style dialogue. They explain clearly their vision for the United States in comparison to its current crisis. They use a variety of visuals and examples. The young people ask questions. It’s a two way dialogue (complete with CHAT room icons) in which the wisdom of returning to our nation’s roots is taught with simplicity and power.

A few examples of topics discussed:

  • How does having VALUE actually give you FREEDOM?

  • What can Sheriff Shane teach us about the PROPER ROLE OF GOVERNMENT?

  • What's the big deal about our CONSTITUTION anyway?

  • How does the whole "SEPARATION OF CHURCH & STATE" thing work?

  • Aren't I "ENTITLED" to be ON the baketball team???

  • Why can't SUPERFED just solve all our problems?

  • And how did we get into all this MESS in the first place?


Let's equip them with the knowledge necessary to be, as Madison puts it, "permanently a free people."

This book helps to do just that.