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What in the World?: Romans, Reformers, Revolutionaries (History Revealed)

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Diana Waring’s lifelong pursuit of history’s hidden treasures is available to you in her quick-witted, enthusiastic storytelling. Discover the truth behind the fables of emperors, popes, rebels, and dreamers who changed the course of nations. Witness the sovereign hand of God guiding human civilization from the fall of Rome to the Age of Revolutions. Produced to complement History Revealed: Romans, Reformers, Revolutionaries. Four-CD Album.


Welcome to Medieval History
First-Century Church & Emperors
Life in the Second Century
The Plague and Restructuring
Constantine & the End of the Empire
Barbarians in Rome
Christianity Among the Goths
The Huns & the Franks
Barbarian & Christian England
The Byzantine World
Life as an Eastern Emperor
Justinian the First
Mohammed the Reformer
The Hegira and Jihad
The Vikings
Religion & the Holy Roman Empire
Northern Europe & Britain
Divisions in the West
The Pope’s Call to Action
The Crusades
The Mongols & Marco Polo
Disintegration of Monarchy
The Hundred Years’ War
European Conflict: West & East
Heresy & Heroism
The Renaissance
Exploration & Politics
The Reformation & its Consequences
England Defeats the Spanish Armada
The Thirty Years’ War
Religion & the Divine Right of Kings
The Enlightenment
The Church’s Response
The Seven Years’ War