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Unwrapping the Pharaohs

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Mummies, pyramids, and pharaohs - oh my! The culture and civilization of the ancient Egyptians have fascinated people for centuries. However, in recent years, liberal teachers and professors have used the traditional Egyptian chronology to undermine the truth of the biblical record in Exodus. In this fascinating volume, authors Down and Ashton present a groundbreaking new chronology that that supports the biblical account.

Go back in time as famous Egyptians such as the boy-king Tutankhamen, the female pharaoh Hatshepsut, and the beautiful Nefertiti are brought to life. Learn who the pharaoh of the Exodus was and where his pyramid was found. Find out who the biblical Queen of Sheba was and who the mysterious Hyksos people really were.

Full of interesting and breathtaking photographs and replete with chronological charts, this very important book should be in the library of every Christian homeschool family! It is so exciting to see how archaeological discoveries completely support the biblical record. And no more confusing timelines! This book helps to bring the Bible alive. Includes 86 minute complimentary DVD. Oversized Hardback, 218 pages.