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Swamp Man! - Buddy Davis: Amazing Adventures (DVD)

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In Swamp Man! you’ll swoop into swamp territory with creationist explorer, entertainer, and singer Buddy Davis. Traveling by airplane, airboat, motorboat, kayak, swamp buggy, and good ol’ fashioned foot-power, Buddy Davis will lead you on the trail of adventure in the Florida Everglades. You probably never realized how many types of animals the Everglades contain. Alligators, black bears, cranes, snakes, manatees, dolphins, snapping turtles, snakes: these are just some of the animals you’ll meet and learn about through Buddy’s hilarious, instructional lessons. Most importantly, you’ll learn about God’s design in each and every animal.

Swamp Man! includes tons of bonus features, like the music video “God Made Me to Be a Swamp Man,” hilarious outtakes and behind-the-scenes peeks, and a passionate gospel presentation by Buddy Davis. The DVD also includes a “Swamp Man!” movie poster, featuring Buddy Davis in his iconic hat with paddle, kayak, and an open-mouthed monster of an alligator!

Swamp Man! is part of Buddy Davis’ exhilarating "Amazing Adventures" series, in which he treks the United States searching for evidence in the fossil record and the animal kingdom that supports the Bible. Kids love Buddy’s booming personality, hilarious sense of humor, and passion for God. Are you ready for a swamp adventure? DVD, 45 minutes.