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Stories Through the Seasons

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A collection of 12 stories: one for every month of the year.

A New Life – "Faithful is He that promised." Mary Louise McKinley clings to that promise as January brings the start of a new life to her.

Forget Not – Kevin and Carlee are at odds. Something is wrong between them. Will their day together be spoiled, or can an elderly friend's accident save the day?

Winter is Past – Cloudy, dreary day. Will spring ever come? Mrs. Wilkinson and her granddaughter find spring in a basket of daffodils. But what will they do with them?

Happy Day – Rinnah and her daddy have always done just fine alone together. Then a new friend enters their life, and Rinnah begins to make some important discoveries. Join young Rinnah as she records in her diary the events leading up to the happiest day of her life.

Even the Beasts – When Harold Manning's trip to town is delayed because of a mountain lion's visit, he and his wife must trust that all things–even beasts–were meant to praise the Lord.

His Mighty Acts – With the second World War still raging, Mrs. Lydia Newham plans to spend her anniversary alone. But her son, James, has other plans. So does someone higher up.

Honor All Men – Devin Moreland doesn't smile. Why should he when his home has been vandalized? Things change, however, when Sergeant Sinclair steps in with a 4th of July celebration to remember.

The Way to Go – On his mother's advice, Hugh joins a hiking trip into the mountains. Seeking direction for his life, he has no idea how the trip could possibly show him the way to go.

Faithful – When young Bobby Nicholson's new puppy lives up to his name, it causes quite a stir in their little country church–in more ways than one!

Give Attendance – Harvey wasn't interested in books and didn't read anymore, so inheriting a library from his great uncle was definitely not a dream come true. His only desire was to get rid of it quickly–until a rainy afternoon exploring his uncle's apartment made him reconsider.

Heritage of Praise – With the loss of her mother just before Thanksgiving, Marilyn feels anything but in a grateful mood. But a visit to Grandma's attic brings to life a tradition long forgotten. Will this be enough to turn tears into praise?

Unto Him – When 10-year-old Richard discovers a family has moved into the empty house in the neighborhood, he is excited. Especially when he meets Jon and Jack. But something seems wrong. Is there anything Richard can do tho help make Christmas special for his new friends?