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Spanish Brothers, The

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“Persecution bursts suddenly upon the secret converts in Seville. Carlos was imprisoned and put to the Question, but no tortures could induce him to deny his Lord, or betray his friends.” The Inquisition. The Question. The horrors of the auto-da-fe. Through the courageous fortitude of great heroes and heroines of faith, The Spanish Brothers lifts the soul clear above the anguish to the glory that we know and believe in, strengthening our faith and inspiring us to press on.

This true account of the Spanish Inquisition will leave you speechless. The conviction and courage demonstrated by sixteenth-century believers puts our present-day calamities in perspective, sharply, yet gently reminding us of the truth of the Word and the power of our Savior’s love. All else pales in comparison.

The Spanish Brothers is a passionate book, a riveting work. It is historical, bringing us into the very presence of the individuals—ordinary yet extraordinary—who faltered neither in their faith nor their love for the One who is Truth. Their lives transcend this finite world and take us to higher ground, upon which we can—and will—rejoice forever. Lamplighter Rare Collectors Hardback, 416 pages.