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Sir Knight of the Splendid Way

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This is a captivating allegory - a rich literary volume that will encourage any weary traveler. This beautifully bound and illustrated work depicts life as a journey, reaching toward a beacon of hope in the City of the Great King. Beckoned by the King to travel the Splendid Way, the young knight must keep his armor on, his sword ever ready, and the Vision of the Face ever before him.

All along the way, he is challenged and tempted, deceived by the Black Knight and his henchman, or lured by the voices of ease and pleasure. Yet there is beauty and comradeship along the Splendid Way, and every conquered trial makes the King and His aid more precious. And somewhere at the end of the journey, on the other side of the Forest of Burdens, is the wonderful City of the Great King!

This would be a good read-aloud for a family and also an encouraging story for any young Christian to read. Hardback, 188 pages.