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Say Goodbye to Whining, Complaining, and Bad Attitudes...in You and in Your Kids!

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Remember those idealistic goals you had when you brought your child home for the first time? Did those goals give way to a simple desire to survive each day? What happened?
Joanne Miller and Scott Turansky know how frustrated parents become when dealing not only with whining but also with bad attitudes, meanness, and bickering. Some parents try to control their children’s behavior. But the key is not in controlling children, but in instilling honor into family life.
For every form of selfishness in a family, there is an honor-based solution. In this straightforward volume, you’ll find:
Six ways to teach honor to your children
A three-step approach to deal with meanness
Five helpful parenting skills
Three biblical solutions to sibling rivalry
Loads of practical family activities
Questions for group discussion at the end of each chapter
Whether you are just beginning your parenting journey or are right in the middle of its daily challenges, this book will help you walk together according to honor.