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P.I.G. to the Founding Fathers, The (The Politically Incorrect Guide Series)

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As July 4th approaches and President Obama "sells" his trillion-dollar health care reform package to the American people, equivocates on Iran, and faces a rising unemployment rate, you can't help but ask, what would the Founding Fathers do? Author and historian Brion McClanahan knows what they would do: our Founding Fathers would look at President Obama's actions and do the exact opposite to solve our problems and ensure America's continued greatness.

In his new book, The Politically Incorrect Guide™ to The Founding Fathers, McClanahan proves that the Founders had a better understanding of today's issues than our hopelessly liberal president and painfully self-serving Congress.

Tracing the key issues of the day, McClanahan shows how the Founding Fathers dealt with them and also details the Founders' deep faith, impeccable character, and visionary political ideals. Along the way he profiles Washington, Jefferson, Franklin, as well as other important Founders that are often over-looked—including Elbridge Gerry and John Dickinson.

The Politically Incorrect Guide™ to The Founding Fathers proves that if you want real and relevant insights into the issues of banking, executive authority, judicial activism, taxes, and more, you'd be better off reading the Founders than watching congressional debates on C-SPAN.

So what would our Founding Father's say—and do—about government today?

* They would be shocked by the amount of money our government spends—slashing debt would be their number one priority
* They would abolish income, payroll, and most excise taxes—while working to control or abolish the Federal Reserve
* They would seek to reduce the size of the military, end commitments to NATO and the United Nations, and stick with their original plan simply to seek good neighbors and neutral trading partners among foreign countries
* They would be appalled by the way the Supreme Court has twisted the words of the First Amendment—in its elimination all public displays of religion

Timely and clear-sighted, The Politically Incorrect Guide™ to The Founding Fathers shines light on who our Founding Fathers really were—the pillars of American society—and how they would lead America today by holding true to our founding documents. Paperback, 272 pages.

(DISCLAIMER: Though not necessarily Christian in content, we have chosen to carry this series because of the factual portrayal of crucial issues of our day. There are a few questionable words/phrases that are occasionally used, but as a whole, this is a timely series for those who wish to understand the truth on vital issues. Recommended for adults, including high school and college age students.)