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P.I.G. to the Civil War, The (The Politically Incorrect Guide Series)

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If you suspect that most of the conventional "wisdom" about the Civil War, slavery, and states’ rights has been hijacked by Northeast liberals, then you're going to love The Politically Incorrect GuideTM to the Civil War. This provocative and entertaining new "P.I.G." exposes the real reasons the South tried to secede and why the war between the states was not really about abolishing slavery.

Charging through battlefields and bunkers, bestselling author H.W. Crocker III treats readers to a rousing, rollicking guide to the great and terrible war that shaped America. He also explains why the Southern states had more in common with our Founding Fathers and the spirit of the Declaration of Independence than most history textbooks admit.

In The Politically Incorrect GuideTM to the Civil War Crocker profiles eminent—and colorful—military generals such as the noble Lee, the controversial Sherman, and the notorious Nathan Bedford Forrest. He also includes thought-provoking chapters such as "The History of the War in Sixteen Battles You Should Know" and the most devastatingly politically incorrect chapter of all, "What If the South Had Won?"

The Politically Incorrect GuideTM to the Civil War is a joyful, myth-busting, rebel yell that shatters today's Leftist and demeaning stereotypes about the South and the Civil War—showing why, in G. K. Chesterton's words, "America and the whole world is crying out for the spirit of the Old South." Civil War buffs, Southern partisans, and everyone who is tired of liberal self-hatred that vilifies America's greatest heroes—must have this book on their bookshelf. Paperback, 370 pages.

(DISCLAIMER: Though not necessarily Christian in content, we have chosen to carry this series because of the factual portrayal of crucial issues of our day. There are a few questionable words/phrases that are occasionally used, but as a whole, this is a timely series for those who wish to understand the truth on vital issues. Recommended for adults, including high school and college age students.)