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Lost Clue, The

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In this intriguing mystery, Captain Fortesque finds himself torn between two loyalties. Having been educated in the finest schools of England, he enjoyed acceptance in high society but kept his true upbringing a secret. Then the day came that changed the course of his life. It all started with the mysterious note that could only be read after his father’s death. Will he be able to endure the dramatic challenges he will now face?

In the meantime, Marjorie Douglas, who is the bright sunshine of a happy home, for the first time must leave that home and find a way to earn the money needed for their very existence. Whether caring for a family in a bleak coal mining area or being the companion to a spoiled wealthy young woman, Marjorie spreads the radiance of Christ’s love wherever she goes.

But what does Marjorie have to do with Captain Fortesque’s mystery? And how does the Lord work in both their lives to bring relief to the suffering and joy where there is sorrow? You will enjoy finding out the answers to these questions as you read this intriguing and encouraging reprint from the past! Lamplighter Rare Collectors Hardback, 287 pages.