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Light of the World [DISCONTINUED]

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Why do tomatoes look red? Why must Danielle call for an ambulance? What does refraction mean? Why is elderly Mr. Simmons so gruff, and what does the Edwards family know that will finally bring joy to his life? Find out in this warm, uplifting living science book. Join the Edwards family as they investigate the amazing properties of light and spread the light of the Gospel in their neighborhood. Don't miss this story full of fun, science, and mystery!

Perry Elisabeth Kirkpatrick is the author of "The Heavens Declare," "Light of the World," "Pearl's Practice," "The Case of the Tabloid Tattler," and multiple free short stories on She is a homeschool graduate and lives with her husband and babies in beautiful Oregon. In between normal life (aka: dishes, laundry, feeding various-sized hungry people, etc.) she writes books, blogs at PerryElisabeth and WordPainters, and does custom book and promotional material design.