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You won't find a place called Talasah, Oklahoma, but it's like a real town where likable people live and interesting things happen. Among these people are sandy-haired Larry Morris, his friend Chesty Simms, who is half Osage and half Creek Indian, and Grandma Riley, who is one of the kindest and liveliest old ladies anyone could know.

Grandma Riley is really Larry's great-grandmother, and she remembers almost everything that ever happened in Talasah from the time the town began. Grandma Riley has a fine collection of old arrowheads including one that is her special treasure because it once belonged to an Indian Chief. Larry and Chesty feel very proud when she lends the arrowheads to them so they can make a display to take to their class in school. The boys have fun planning how they will mount and show them.

Then a dreadful thing happens–the most precious arrowhead disappears! They hunt and hunt, but it cannot be found. The mystery of the lost arrowhead leads to a fight between Larry and Chesty, and for a while their friendship is spoiled. A lot of things happen before the arrowhead finally turns up and the boys become friends again. Those who read the story will be delighted with the part Brownie, Larry's frisky cocker spaniel, plays in the mystery.