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Jensen's Punctuation

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Jensen’s Punctuation is completely self-contained for easy instruction. All the rules, exercises, tests, and answers are in one book. It contains the five basic rules that cause at least 75% of the errors which appear in student writing, and it contains all rules for every other punctuation mark from the period to the dash. The rules section of the book make this one a keeper; your students will take it with them to college and beyond just for reference.


  • the five basic rules for compound sentences that solve 75-90% of your punctuation problems.

  • how to use the punctuation index to help you master all the punctuation rules worth knowing.

  • the three types of key words and how they signal what type of punctuation is needed, if any.

  • what kinds of words in what kinds of situations need capitals and how to identify them in sentences.

  • when and when not to use a comma with modifiers occurring in various positions in a sentence.

  • how to correctly use the semicolon in the most common situation in which it occurs.