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Ivan and the Daring Escape (Book 2 - Behind the Iron Curtain: The Ivan Series)

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Twelve-year-old Ivan lives behind the Iron Curtain in Communist-controlled Moscow. He and his family are Christians-a dangerous faith to hold in a country which glorifies blind loyalty to the state and often relegates pastors and political dissenters to work camps or insane asylums.

In Ivan and the Daring Escape (Book 2 in Behind the Iron Curtain: The Ivan Series), Ivan learns that his best friend, Pyotr, has been imprisoned in a children's home. Pyotr's Christian father has been jailed on false evidence, and the police are using Pyotr's plight to leverage his mother into lying about her husband.

Ivan and Katya have their own problems, as some of the only children in their classes who won't join the Communist "Young Pioneers," but Ivan is still determined to help his friend. Can Ivan use his football skills to infiltrate the children's home and rescue Pyotr? Even further, can he also find a way to get his friend's father released from prison? Paperback, 138 pages.