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Homepreschool and Beyond [DISCONTINUED]

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Most homeschool moms are able to adapt quickly to teaching their school-aged children. They research curriculum, make a schedule, pull together chosen resources, and get busy. They realize that the basic subjects must be covered, and they usually create a guideline or follow a scope and sequence to stay on track.

But what about toddlers and preschoolers who also want to get involved or "do school" with their older siblings? What about their education? What is the balance between too much or perhaps not enough? Of course, every homeschool mom has her own ideas and philosophy concerning her little learners, and there is no right way or wrong approach or a one-size-fits-all plan.

For families who desire more guidance for this age group, homeschool veteran and former preschool teacher Susan Lemons has created a resource that is sure to become a handbook for home preschool education for years to come. Homepreschool and Beyond: A Comprehensive Guide to Early Home Education is a 295+ page, soft cover book that is full of great ideas and information--very comprehensive! The academic content is built on a developmental/literature approach and can be used to teach 3 to 8-year-olds. Paperback, 296 pages.