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Hedge of Thorns, The (Lamplighter Theatre CD)

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Inside Finnian's café . . . Martin lost his job. Now he has to make a choice. The door before him holds the key to his future, but when he turns the knob, he finds nothing but another locked door. From a piercing experience Martin learns that locked doors are not lost opportunities, but new possibilities. Inside the pages of this rare and aged book . . . John is determined to find out what is on the other side. And that which is forbidden makes his quest all the more irresistible! Desperate to break through the hedge, he devises a plan that unknowingly places his little sister in perilous danger. In a moment of passion and disregard for his parents' warnings, John does the unthinkable-and learns the hard lesson that there are grave consequences to crossing the boundaries that God has set for him. This unforgettable lesson has left an indelible mark on his life and will leave the same upon those who hear this story! 2 CDs, 83 minutes.