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Heavens, The

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The Heavens: A Different View gives us a glimpse of God’s majesty revealed in His creation. This photo journey through the created cosmos is packed with breathtaking astrophotography, Scripture, and short essays on the uniqueness of our galaxy and beyond.

Author, astrophotographer and astrophysicist, Dr. Danny Faulkner, gives us eyes to see how astronomy speaks a powerful word about God as Creator. Every page of this beautiful, apologetic resource is filled with amazing facts about the heavens including:

  • The two constellations mentioned in the Bible in the Books of Amos, Job, and Isaiah
  • A black hole that is 70 million times more massive than the sun
  • Objects we can see with the naked eye that are millions of light years away!

The Heavens will fascinate those who love the science of the stars and provide a great defense for the wonder of our Creator. Families will enjoy the astrophotography and learn fascinating facts about star trails, galaxies, nebulae and many other objects in our solar system.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • 1. Star Trails
  • 2. The Milky Way
  • 3. Galaxies
  • 4. Orion, the Pleiades, and Other Groups of Stars
  • 5. Nebulae
  • 6. The Sun
  • 7. The Moon
  • 8. Other Objects in the Solar System
  • 9. Where Space and Earth Connect
  • 10. Lunar Eclipses
  • 11. Solar Eclipses
  • Meet the Photographers