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Educational! Entertaining! Exciting!

For generations, Your Story Hour productions has represented the ultimate in audio dramatizations. These professionally written, acted, and produced dramatized stories, complete with sound effects and music, make character-building lessons come to life for kids of all ages.

Your Story Hour is proud to present this new set of exciting, dramatized stories. You'll enjoy hearing the compelling adventures of Thomas Jefferson, the heroism of Polish social worker Irena Sendler during the Nazi occupation of her country in WWII, the perseverance of the civilian passengers of the sunken ship Zamzam, the compassion of pioneering woman doctor Helena Wink in Dakota territory, and the lifesaving inventions of Garrett Morgan. Enjoy these and other heart-warming stories of courage and character. Great Listening and entertainment for the whole family.

Stories in Great New Stories Volume 11 include:

CD No.

Story 1

Story 2

1 The Young Virginian - Thomas Jefferson Part 1 Champion of Democracy - Thomas Jefferson Part 2
2 The Third President - Thomas Jefferson Part 3 Dakota Doctor Lady - The life of Helena Wink, an early woman doctor whose adventures in the Dakota Territories are legendary.
3 True Pearls and False Papers - Irena Sendler Part 1 - Irena Sendler begins her campaign to help suffering Jews under Nazi domination in Warsaw, Poland. Secrets of the Apple Tree - Irena Sendler Part 2 - Irena and her allies rescue Jewish children from certain death under the noses of the Nazis.
4 Amos Fortune - Man of Honor - The story of a slave who became a respected businessman. Garrett Morgan - The son of former slaves becomes an important inventor whose work still impacts our world today.
5 Away From Safe Harbor - Zamzam Part 1 - The Zamzam, a "missionary ship," is attacked by a German raider near the African coast. The Prison Ship - Zamzam Part 2 - Zamzam's passengers are rescued, but still face an uncertain and threatening future.
6 The Secret of Cobble Cottage - How one act of kindness by Miss Bennett, the occupant of Cobble Cottage, reaps great reward. The Best Wiseman Ever - Three abandoned children are happily surprised at the town's annual Christmas pageant.