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Graham Quartet and the Mystery of the Day Maid, The

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Arriving on the shore of Lake Michigan for summer vacation, the Graham Quartet senses that something is not quite right. When a slip of the tongue causes an unexpected reaction, Elsa, Matt, Selena and Tim jump into a mystery. But what is the connection between a cryptic note, a yellow door, and a boat called the Day Maid? When their friend, Lieutenant Ashwood, disappears, the Quartet feels the pressure of time and must turn to another source for help. Will the four siblings get enough information to unravel the mystery before the suspects vanish completely?

Author Rebekah A. Morris is an outgoing, enthusiastic free lance writer who has a passion for writing short stories as well as novels. Currently she has 11 books published with more to come! Living at home in Missouri with her parents and sister, Rebekah also does beautiful hand quilting, and greatly enjoys history, reading, teaching writing to a variety of ages, playing the violin and piano, and coming up with dramatic and original things to do.