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Exploring the History of Medicine

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THE EXPLORING SERIES: Well known for his popular books about science and religion, John Hudson Tiner has been a teacher, mathematician, and a cartographer. Possessing the skills to turn history into a thrilling read, Tiner has published this wonderful new series of books on science, geared toward home educators, but broadly appealing for any elementary age child. Written for 5th grade to junior high level, this series will captivate your attention and give you a broad overview of several major topics.

• Exploring the History of Medicine
What an interesting way to learn science! This is a most fascinating book, showing the hand of God throughout the development of modern medicine from the ancient Greeks to the modern laboratories. It explores the spectacular discoveries in the field of medicine by a chronological study of the men who made these discoveries. Filled with vintage illustrations and biographical sketches, each chapter builds upon the one before it and ends with a list of basic questions to test the reader’s comprehension. Paperback, 161 pages.

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