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Exploring Government Curriculum Package (2016)

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How It Works

Exploring Governmentis a one-semester high school course that provides a half-year credit in government. Lessons cover federal, state, and local government and also contemporary issues in government. Special emphasis is placed on the Biblical basis for government and on the U.S. Constitution. Each of the fifteen units is intended to be studied for one week.

What the student is to do each week and each day is clearly outlined. The Unit Introduction page gives a brief overview of the unit, the lessons in that unit, and a suggestion for a project that is relevant to that unit.

The purpose of Exploring Government is to educate and inspire your student concerning the government of the United States as well as the governments of the individual states and our local communities. We want to help your student be well-equipped as a Christian citizen after studying this material.

The Exploring Government Curriculum Package includes two books:

  • Exploring Government, with 75 lessons divided into fifteen units of five lessons each.

  • We Hold These Truths, a collection of historic and modern documents, essays, and speeches in American government.

The Student Review Pack includes three books:

  • Student Review, with review questions for each lesson and literary analysis for each biography

  • Quiz and Exam Book, with quiz for each unit and an exam every five units

  • Answer Key, with all the answers needed for the course

The Literature

In addition to providing high school credit in government, your student can use Exploring Government to earn a half-year credit in English. The English component includes reading the following four biographies of American political figures (available separately) and completing writing assignments.

  • Mornings on Horseback by David McCullough (Units 1-4)

  • The Autobiography of Calvin Coolidge by Calvin Coolidge (Units 5-6)

  • Born Again by Charles Colson (Units 7-11)

  • God and Ronald Reagan by Paul Kengor (Units 12-15)