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Essentials Pack: World Empires, World Missions, World Wars (History Revealed)

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hy buy the World Empires, World Missions, World Wars Essentials Pack?

All you need to “open and go” is included:

  • Quick Start Guide to help you easily navigate through the 4-Phase structure;

  • Basic Lesson Plan to give you confidence for each week’s activities;

  • Teacher Guide to provide helpful background information, suggested resources, motivating suggestions, and much more;

  • Student Manual to introduce each era, offer multiple topics for further exploration, encourage hands-on participation, and invite creative expression;

  • What in the World Vol 3 audio CD brings history to life with audio instruction and stories;

  • Rubrics Set to help student know what is expected, and to help parent/teacher evaluate the student’s creative work (qualitative assessment);

  • Test Kit to allow students to demonstrate what they’ve learned (quantitative assessment).

For value-conscious homeschoolers, save money and time by purchasing Essentials Pack rather than each individual item.

Ensure that students use a curriculum that includes Visual, Auditory, and Kinesthetic activities. (If students like audio products, they would also enjoy True Tales Vol 3 and Digging Deeper Vol 3 audio CDs to accompany this unit.)

List of Chapters

  • Unit One: Napoleon & Early Missions

  • Unit Two: Industrialization & the Church’s Response

  • Unit Three: The British Empire & Awakenings

  • Unit Four: Napoleon III & Christian Outreach

  • Unit Five: Alliances & Revivals

  • Unit Six: World War I & the Russian Revolutions

  • Unit Seven: Fascism & Fundamentals

  • Unit Eight: World War II & Miraculous Deliverances

  • Unit Nine: Early Cold War & Renewed Vision