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Earth: Its Structure & Its Changes (Investigate the Possibilities) [DISCONTINUED]

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The Investigate the Possibilities learning progression:

Engage - Students make a note of what they know or have experienced about the topic.

Investigate - Students will follow the instructions and make observations of what happens.

Explain - Students will begin to understand the science behind what they observed in the investigation.

Apply - Here, the understanding of the investigation is related to other situations and ideas.

Expand - Each investigation also includes a few "Dig Deeper" projects to further understanding.

Assess - Students explain what they have learned.

Students will examine natural occurrences such as mountains, volcanoes, rocks, minerals, crystals, water, and dirt (just to name a few). By using household items such as hard boiled eggs, oranges, measuring cups, maps, clay and markers, these scientific truths will come to life. This title contains a full circle view of geology, creation, and history. All three of these topics are combined to create the big picture for your student and develop a stronger root in their faith.

While geology is at the heart of this newest book in the Investigate the Possibilities series, other titles within this series include: Forces & Motion, Matter, and Energy. These are perfect for elementary education, grades 3rd-6th.