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Digging Deeper: Romans, Reformers, Revolutionaries (History Revealed)

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To fully understand the times of world history, one must understand the history of the church. Author Diana Waring whisks you along through 1,700 years of church history, showing God’s amazing grace through it all! Three audio CDs.

Disc 1: The Exploding Church – Explore the history of the early church, including: The Birth of the Church; Distinctives of the Early Church; Issues in the Early Church; Persecutions & Personalities; Early Church Councils; Sack of Rome.

Disc 2: The Church in Charge – Explore the history of the medieval church, including: The Church of the West; Roman vs. Celtic Church; Missionaries & Monasteries; The Byzantines & Muslims; Western Politics & Eastern Icons; The Great Schism & Crusades; Papal Power & Philosophy; Francis of Assisi & Fall of Constantinople.

Disc 3: The Reforming Church – Explore the history of the Reformation, including: Introduction to the Reformation; Renaissance & Erasmus; Luther; Four Streams of Reformation; Reformation in France, Holland, & England; Counterreformation & Thirty-Year War; 1600s to Wesley; Great Awakening in America; Revival on the Frontier.