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Desperate, Hope for the Mom Who Needs to Breathe

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For mothers of young children, this book is a lovely offering of hope, truth, freedom, wild grace, friendship, and the knowledge that they are not alone.

Many moms have dreamed of life with children, and yet the reality seems far away from their dreams. Their hearts are committed, but their spirits are sagging. This book is a coffee-talk from one woman who is still "figuring-it-out-in-the-mess" (Sarah Mae) and much-needed counsel from one who is older and wiser (Sally Clarkson). The book's message speaks to the hearts of desperate women who need a friend to come alongside and encourage them, give them hope, and remind them of who they are.

Desperate is a tremendous source of compassion and information for any mama of young children who:

Feels she's going under

Is isolated and lonely

Has lost to the beast of housework

Is suffering from depression and a feeling of desperation

Each mother will know she has a woman who can relate with her in the daily struggles of mama-hood, and will receive wisdom from an older woman who has gone through the struggles and made it to the other side.