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Christmas Day Joyous

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Savor the warmth of the season with this special collection of twelve short stories from Rebekah A. Morris's Christmas Collection!

The holidays can bring unexpected stress--a ruined school play, a Christmas Eve break-in, or a crowd of stranded motorists. But they're also packed with opportunities for family togetherness--for healing old wounds, rediscovering simple pleasures, and reviving old traditions. They're full of chances to show love to strangers--a college friend sharing a family celebration, a lonely child looking for shelter from the cold, or an immigrant family bravely trying to make a home. And above all, they're a time of miracles--an unplanned meeting in a blizzard that mends a broken family, an open door that ushers in an unexpected reunion, and a set of unforeseen delays that result in a perfectly-timed rescue.

Whether your holiday ideal involves snowballs and sledding, shows and singing, or sacrifice and sharing, you're sure to find it here, along with a large serving of the true meaning of Christmas!