Learning Parent

Character in Action: Taking the Next Steps

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Join the Boyer cousins as they begin to put character in action in this third book in the Learning Character with the Cousins series!

God has us on this earth to be his servants and to invest our lives in the lives of others. Don't know how to get started? We've got some ideas. We've been learning how to reach out and become engaged in ministry projects. The needs are great. All we have to do is ask God to show us which ones He wants us to get involved in. Cassidy, Luke, Adam, Anne, Melody, Lauren, along with their younger brothers and sisters, Patrick, Michael, James, Ella, Lainey, Autumn, Lynn and Paul have been busy this year ministering to widowers, veterans, elderly folks, children with life-threatening diseases, emergency service personnel to name a few, as well as making their voices heard at pro-life rallies and the polling place. They hope to give you a vision of ways you can get involved spreading the gospel and blessing the lives of others in your sphere of influence. Put on your walking shoes and join us in taking the next step!

Character qualities covered are: Creativity, Sensitivity, Kindness, Responsibility, Compassion, Initiative, Generosity, Honor, Hospitality, Alertness, Gratefulness, Availability, Decisiveness, and Deference