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Capitalism for Kids: Growing Up To Be Your Own Boss

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"Entrepreneurs, even young entrepreneurs, know that every new day is a new challenge. They know that learning must go on throughout life. They know that learning is not just something you do in school. They know that you do it every day, with every experience, if you are alert and thoughtful. They know that the ability to think includes the ability to change, to adapt, to use new tools and information. Change, which may seem such a threat and a danger to some people, will just seem a challenge and an opportunity to the entrepreneur."  — Karl Hess, author

Capitalism for Kids: Growing Up To Be Your Own Boss by Karl Hess is an outstanding introduction to the philosophy of entrepreneurship. It stresses how a person can earn a profit in business while maintaining the highest possible standards of honesty and integrity.

Includes a self-test to help the reader determine how enterprising he/she really is, as well as an excellent chapter on "Capitalism and Other Isms" that clearly defines capitalism, democratic socialism, socialism, and communism.

Although written with young people in mind, many adults will benefit by reading this book, especially the section which was written specifically for parents and teachers.

"Money is a way to keep track of how well you're doing. It's just one way. The way you feel about yourself is the bottom line. You should be able to make money and lose money without ever losing your own sense of self-worth and self-respect...You make the money. The money doesn't make you!" --Karl Hess


Paperback.  192 pages, quality paper, 8.5 x 5.5 inches.

Reading level: Ages 10 through 17 (though could just as easily be used as a business primer for adults)

Course Uses:  Can be used for as a supplement to courses in business, and government.

Series Information: Capitalism for Kids is not part of a series, though Bluestocking Press highly recommends reading it in conjunction with Common Sense Business for Kids
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Table of Contents for Capitalism for Kids

For Parents and Teachers
1. Money and You
2. What Kind of Person Are You?
3. Capitalism and Other Isms
4. The Wonderful World of Work
5. Opportunity and the Computer
6. The Family That Works Together
7. Investing Time and Dollars
8. Are You a Volunteer?
9. Education, Experience, and Enterprise
10. Laws, Liability, and Licenses
11. Words of Wisdom
Resources for Young Entrepreneurs