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Calamity Jane (Living Forest Series #12)

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Nicknamed the philosopher of the forest, Sam Campbell was a writer, photographer, radio personality, promoter, lecturer and especially a devoted student of living nature. His summer home, which he titled the Sanctuary of Wegimind, was a game preserve in the forests of northern Wisconsin, near the town of Three Lakes. There he studied, mainly in the summertime, the ways of wild animals, "their habits, their work, their play, and the examples they set for human beings in right living."

Calamity Jane, a large raccoon ready to deliver four little ones, is the newest forest friend. See how she raises them, teaches them the ways of the forest, how to protect themselves, and all things necessary to life in their world. Come and watch as Calamity Jane is captured by hunters, wins their respect, and is finally set free to rejoin her little ones. With real photographs and an easier vocabulary, this Sam Campbell treat is perfect for the younger nature buffs in your family. Paperback, 126 pages.