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Buried in the Snow (Lamplighter Theatre CD)

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Far away, in a chalet nestled high up in the Jura Mountains, a boy and his grandfather are caught in an avalanche during the harshest winter in memory. Surviving on little more than the milk of a young goat, Jacques and his grandfather are faced with the bitter reality that they may not make it through the winter. When it looks like life couldn't possible be worse, the weight of the unrelenting snow is compromising the integrity of the roof, and the integrity of their faith in God. After fending off a pack of ravenous wolves, starvation, and coming to grips with the brevity of life, Jacques will learn an important lesson that though God is often beyond our understanding, we are never beyond His love. Join us for this chilling adventure as Jacques and his grandfather battle their fear and uncertainty, in Buried in the Snow. 2 CD set, 2 hours.