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All About Reading Level 2: Leap into Reading Activity Book (Color Edition)

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The Leap into Reading activity book is a component of the All About Reading Level 2 Student Packet. With nearly 400 confidence-boosting pages, this learning activity book is filled to the brim with fluency- and comprehension-building activities and Practice Sheets. Equip your student with the essential skills to "leap into reading" and enjoy every step of the journey!

In this full-color activity book, you'll find:

  • A frog-themed progress chart to track your student's progress
  • A read-aloud record to track the books you and your student have read
  • Illustrated activity sheets, including games, activities, Word Flippers, and comprehension-building exercises
  • Practice Sheets filled with new words, review words, phrases, and sentences; specifically designed to help students to become fluent readers
  • A frog-themed Certificate of Completion

All of the pages are perforated for easy removal, and you'll find that the lesson plans in the Teacher's Manual tell you precisely which pages you need to remove for each lesson.

The fluency Practice Sheets are the most important part of the Leap into Reading activity book. Fluency practice will help your student move from sounding out words letter-by-letter to instant recognition of words. The lessons include many tips and techniques for helping your student develop fluency.

Note: It is recommended that each student have his own activity book.