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Medieval History-Based Writing Lessons [Teacher/Student Combo], Fifth Edition

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Knights, Vikings, kings, and famous men of the Middle Ages come to life as students learn to write with Structure and Style. From the Anglo-Saxons to the Renaissance, from chivalrous knights to Genghis Khan, students will improve their knowledge of medieval times while learning to write with Structure and Style®.

This theme-based writing curriculum offers a full year of instruction for students in grades 6–8 and is perfect for homeschoolers, homeschool co-ops, tutors, and hybrid schools. Working through all of IEW's Units 1–9, students learn to take notes, retell narrative stories, summarize references, write from pictures, compose essays, and more. Includes vocabulary cards, literature suggestions, and access to helpful PDF downloads.

The Student Book includes assignments, blank outlines, source texts, checklists, vocabulary cards, and grammar helps for two levels of students—basic and advanced. The Teacher’s Manual includes the student pages inset, as well as teaching tips, sample whiteboards, games, vocabulary quizzes, and answer keys.

This book is designed to be used by an instructor who has been through or is currently viewing the Teaching Writing: Structure and Style video course.

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Note: The Student Resource Packet (SRP) is no longer included with Medieval History-Based Writing Lessons, but all necessary writing tool pages for this course from the 174 page Student Resource Packet are now included in the 17-page Medieval History-Based Writing Tools PDF.

Edition/Printing: Fifth Edition, January 2019

Copyright Date: 2007, 2019

Specifications: Teacher: 299 pages, Student: 330 pages


What's new in the fifth edition of Medieval History-Based Writing Lessons?

• The individual lessons have the added components of daily lesson plans and clearer weekly lesson goals.

• Source texts are either new or have been modified to include more regions of the world.

• The pacing of stylistic techniques has been adjusted so that students have success and enjoy the writing experience more.

• Advanced elements of Structure and Style have been placed in the Advanced Additions optional e-book, which is a free download with the purchase of the Student Book. This means that that the basic Student Book along with the Advanced Additions e-book is a perfect fit for all Level B students.

• Vocabulary words have been reevaluated to coincide with the dress-ups being taught in the lessons, making it easier for the students to use them in their lesson assignments.

• The lessons align with the updated version of Teaching Writing: Structure and Style, both in the order and manner in which elements of Structure and Style are taught.

• The new edition is not compatible with the former.