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Ocean Book, The (Wonders of Creation Series) [DISCONTINUED]

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The Wonders of Creation Series is a must for every homeschool library! Filled with colorful photographs and captivating diagrams, each book focuses on a specific aspect of God’s creation. Filled with 80 pages of fascinating instruction, these books are almost too fun to be called textbooks! Each book comes with a pull-out poster, glossary of terms, and a free downloadable study guide. And of course, each is written from a distinctively creation science perspective!

The oceans may well be Earth’s final frontier. These dark and sometimes mysterious waters cover 71 percent of the surface area of the globe and have yet to be fully explored. Under the waves, a watery world of frail splendor, foreboding creatures, and sights beyond imagination awaits. The Ocean Book will teach you about: giant squid and other “monsters” of the seas; centuries of ocean exploration; hydrothermal vents; the ingredients that make up the ocean; harnessing the oceans’ energy; icebergs; coral reefs; ships, submarines, and other ocean vessels; major ocean currents; El Niño, whirlpools, and hurricanes; harvesting the oceans’ resources; and myriads of sea creatures. Hardback, 80 pages.