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WWII: A World in Conflict (DVD)

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Never before had the world seen such devastation, such cruelty and bloodshed as the fighting in World War II. This film contains amazing footage of actual ground, seas, and air battles from 1933 through 1945.

The film starts with the Japanese invading and annexing Manchuria, the response from the League of Nations and the bombing of an American gunboat, the USS Panay. The leaders of the major countries sign the Munich Pact and Hitler's invasion of Poland follows as the world witnesses the first act of World War II in Europe.

See the firsthand destruction of some of the world's major cities. March along with American soldiers as they walk the 65 miles in the "Bataan Death March." Watch as leaders meet in different countries to find a way to stop the tyranny of Germany, Italy and Japan. See the "Day of Infamy," when Japanese fighters and bombers attack an unsuspecting Pearl Harbor. Hear President Roosevelt's speech asking Congress to declare war, then see America's response to the dastardly act by Japan, as the last of the industrial nations enters the war.

Witness the defeat of Italy, Germany and Japan as America drops the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki and see the historic surrender ceremony aboard the USS Missouri. Watch as the most destructive war in history is played out to its final conclusion.

Caution: Some of the extras may be too graphic for some students. Parental input is strongly advised.