Answers in Genesis

Uncovering the Real Nativity

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Does the Bible actually say that? The answers are inside!

Christmas is a favorite time of year for many. It's a season full of joyful celebration and family traditions. But are all of the “staple” elements we ascribe to Christmas truly Biblical? This wonderful little booklet will look at questions like:

Does the Bible say that Mary and Joseph spent the night in a stable? Was Mary in labor when she arrived in Bethlehem? What is a “kataluma?” Does the Bible mention an innkeeper? How many wisemen were there? The answers are inside this easy-to-read booklet! Great to share with family, neighbors and friends!

Inside this booklet:

  • Christmas Tradition

  • Archaeology and the Bible

  • Back to the Bible

  • No Room in the Inn

  • The Guest Room (Kataluma)

  • The Manger

  • What about the Wisemen?

  • Putting it all Together

  • The Problem

  • God's Solution

  • The Shepherds

  • A New Tradition

  • The Good News

This shirt-pocket size 32 page booklet is an excellent tract or witnessing tool.