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Spitfire! (Tales of the RAF - Book 3) (Hardback)

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Colonel Harrison receives orders to keep unauthorized personnel off his Royal Air Force base. Unfortunately, that would include twelve year old Harry Winslow. Meanwhile, three new Spitfire fighter planes are delivered to the RAF 14th Squadron. The new planes are sleek and powerful, but untried in combat. When Captain Dawson and his pilots scramble to defend the city of Dover, German planes attack Hampton Airfield. Luckily, Harry knows something that could save the base from destruction, but he must break the rules in order to tell someone. Orders are meant to be followed, but sometimes it's a wise decision to disobey when there's a good reason.

Join Harry on the airfield when the thundering fighter planes of the 14th Squadron struggle to save Hampton. Watch pilots risk their lives to protect their friends and fellow fliers. These are the ordinary people who do extraordinary things. The kinds of things that make them heroes.