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Rescue and Redeem: Chronicles of the Modern Church (History Lives! - Volume 5)

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History Lives! is a fresh, wonderfully readable, overview set of books about church history, written with ages 9 to 14 in mind. The authors both serve at Westminster Theological Seminary, Philadelphia PA and have an extensive background in church history.

As the world exploded into modernity with rapid changes - in transportation, in communication, in manufacturing - people around the globe faced overwhelming new challenges. As Christians arrived for the first time in other countries, they realized that being a Christian was about living out the gospel in every culture, and that injustice is everywhere.

So they met the challenges of modern life with new ways of communicating Christ's ancient gospel. From Niijima Jo and Pandita Ramabai to Dietrich Bonhoeffer and Janani Luwum, they set out to rescue God's global people and redeem them to new life in Christ.

Extra features throughout this book look deeper into issues such as modern Bible translation, living the Golden Rule, new developments in missions, and big moments in modern Christianity.