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P.I.G. to English and American Literature, The (The Politically Incorrect Guide Series)

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Why did Elizabeth Kantor write this book? Because “for starters, English professors are so politically correct they’re beyond parody. PC English professors believe (and write, and teach) truly amazing things: That Jane Austen was a feminist subversive whose novels express her rage against the patriarchy .... that Stalin was valiantly struggling to turn the Soviet Union into a democracy ... that Shakespeare wrote Macbeth to domesticate women.”

“Too many of the folks who teach English in college are out of touch with reality and bored with their subject. Enroll in an English class at an American university, and you might find yourself studying Marxist theory, or the history of ballet. You could be treated to an investigation of pornography through the ages. Or you might spend the semester watching foreign films. What is far too unlikely to happen is that you will be taught to understand and appreciate great literature in the English language.”

“The problem isn’t just that English professors waste their students’ time, though they certainly do. And it’s not just that they do their best to indoctrinate their students into leftist politics, turn them into bitterly unhappy feminists, or recruit them for the antiwar movement - though they do all those things too. The real problem is that they don’t teach great English and American literature.”

“This book will teach you what every well-educated, well-read, literate, and humane American should know about English and American literature, but - through little fault of his own - probably doesn’t; the great stories, the delightful plays, the powerful and sometimes achingly beautiful verse. It will give you the tools (formerly taught in departments of English, now neglected by PC English professors) that you need to be able to get the most out of this literature - to enjoy it more intensely, to learn from it in a way you can’t learn from anything else, and to make it your own. The Guide will also show you how to pick your way through the minefield of “literary theory,” which can quite effectively cut you off not just from great literature, but from all the wellsprings of Western culture.”

This book is recommended for mature high school students whose interest in literature is strong. It could also be a very important read for college-bound students who will encounter literature in their course of study.

(DISCLAIMER: Though not necessarily Christian in content, we have chosen to carry this series because of the factual portrayal of crucial issues of our day. There are a few questionable words/phrases that are occasionally used, but as a whole, this is a timely series for those who wish to understand the truth on vital issues. Recommended for adults, including high school and college age students.)