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Journeys to the Edge of Creation (DVD)

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We are frequently reminded in the media of the continuous endeavor of mankind to explore the cosmos. This set includes fascinating discoveries and stunning images about our solar system, the Milky Way, and beyond. You will also learn, though, that no world is beyond God, and that His truth is still the truth that will ultimately answer the deepest mysteries of space. In the first video, Our Solar System, you will not only learn fascinating facts about planets within our solar system, you will also be reminded of questions that only God can answer as you are swept away by beautiful and powerful images of the world outside our own. As you gaze into the expanse of the night sky in The Milky Way and Beyond, you will share thoughts of awe and admiration with Abraham, David and others in the pages of Scripture. Scientists know more about these mysteries now than ever before—there is a Master Creator, and this universe is the work of His hands. 80 total minutes.