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Jensen's Vocabulary

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The three sections in this worktext have the same basic layout and design. The students become familiar with the format and then can concentrate on learning the new words. A rhythm of learning takes place, and the student progresses. The further along the program, the easier it becomes for the student due to the constant review. This book excels at developing the single most necessary ingredient of good communication: a good vocabulary.

The three units in the book are each broken up into 18 lessons with four parts, one part to be assigned per day. All four of these parts work with the same group of words—but in different ways—so students absorb the meanings of the roots. The book is designed so students can do most of their work independently, but the lessons are challenging, requiring students to work from a chart of roots, while searching for shades and relations of meaning. The four page chart is included in the front of the book, and lists the roots, suffixes, and prefixes covered within the three units, along with their meanings. You'll probably want to reproduce this chart for easy access, to avoid flipping back and forth.

Teacher involvement is required for weekly testing and might be required if students find lessons too difficult to complete on their own. After completing each lesson, the teacher gives a quiz on the week's words as well as a few review words.


  • how prefixes, suffixes and roots combine to make all kinds of words.

  • how to figure out the spelling of a word by the parts that make it up.

  • how to think in logical fashion about words and their meanings.

  • a few roots that give you the keys to hundreds of words.