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History Mystery, The (Farm Mystery Series - Book 7)

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Written by a homeschooling family, The Farm Mystery Series chronicles daily life on the Nelson Family farm. Two brothers form The Great Detective Agency and find fun and adventure right at home. Often used as read-aloud-to-the-family books, parents can be assured that there are no murders or other objectionable elements in these books. No worldly situations, language, or boy-girl relationships—just happy and wholesome Christian family life, with lots of everyday adventure woven in. There are 10 books in the series.

Join the Nelson family as they listen to letters from the past. What did Grandfather really see in the war years ago? What does barbed wire have to do with mice? Those mysterious tire tracks near the barn . . . who made them? And how many batches of chicken salad will Mom have to make before they solve the egg mystery? Paperback, 175 pages.