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You'll enjoy hearing the exciting stories of Lottie Moon, Lillian Trasher, Mary Bethune and Daniel Boone's daughter, Jemima, on this new volume from Your Story Hour! Enjoy these and other heart-warming stories of courage and character. Great listening and entertainment for the whole family.

Stories in Great Stories Volume 12 include:

CD No.

Story 1

Story 2

1 Child of Privilege - Lottie Moon Part 1 Woman of China - Lottie Moon Part 2
2 The Promise in the Woods - Lillian Trasher Part 1 Mama Lillian - Lillian Trasher Part 2
3 Mary Jane's Dream - Mary Bethune Part 1 The Dollar and a Half School - Mary Bethune Part 2
4 Mayala, The Congo Chief - An African chief displays his new-found faith in Jesus. The Kidnapping of Jemima Boone - The adventures of Daniel Boone's kidnapped daughter.
5 Let's Play Ball - A young leukemia patient experiences the support of his baseball team. When Angels Come - A mother and her son are helped by a mysterious truck driver.
6 The Good-For-Nothing Mutt - A stray dog becomes the neighborhood hero. A Man Called Schafer / Boomer the Bulldog - A rancher searches for a lost sheep / A bulldog repays the kindness of being adopted.