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Exciting Events Volume #9 - Your Story Hour CDs

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Your Story Hour proudly presents this set of dramatized  stories in our "Exciting Events" series that the whole family can enjoy!

Travel with Commander Robert Peary and his African-American associate Matthew Henson as they lead a dangerous Arctic expedition, by ship and dog sleds, to the "Top of the World." Recognized as co-discoverers of the North Pole, theirs is a saga of friendship, grit, trust, and triumph.

Listen as young Walt, a Kansas farm boy, learns a valuable lesson about taking responsibility and making things right after a 1930's jackrabbit infestation strikes the prairies in "Ready, Aim, Hop!"

Follow William and Ellen Craft in "A Daring Disguise" as they attempt a high-risk escape from slavery.

In "Badger's Patchwork Coat," Stan is mugged walking home from the grocery story and his view of homeless people is turned upside down.

Listen as scientist Michael Faraday, "The Magnetic Man," develops the first electric motor and Dr. Joseph Lister pioneers the use of antiseptics and revolutionizes modern medicine.

  1. A Daring Disguise
  2. Matthew, the Kind One
  3. Ready, Aim, Hop!
  4. Badger's Patchwork Coat
  5. Michael Faraday, The Magnetic Man
  6. Joseph Lister Finds a Way

Contains 3 CDs and runs approximately 3 hours.