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Exciting Events Volume #7 - Your Story Hour CDs

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This album of exciting dramatized stories includes two stories about Native American heroes Sequoyah and Squanto; two stories about African-American heroes Henry Box Brown and Benjamin Banneker; and two true-to-life adventures!

Travel with us to the early 1800s and listen to the struggles, perseverance, and triumph of Native American Sequoyah, as he develops the Cherokee alphabet for his people. Then, follow the 1600s era saga of the Patuxet tribe member Squanto, who greatly helped early colonists. Squanto survived kidnapping and slavery, yet forgave his enemies.

Listen as Henry Box Brown escapes a life of slavery by shipping himself to freedom in a custom wooden box! Then hear how Benjamin Banneker helped design President Washington's capitol city.

Hear two exciting stories of how beloved family pets protect the family from danger. Finally, "A Long Story" teaches a lesson in kindness.

Stories include:

  1. Sequoyah's Talking Leaves (The Cherokee Alphabet)

  2. The Story of Squanto

  3. The Escape of Henry Box Brown

  4. The Milkmaid's Grandson

  5. Lady and Ben/Tiger the Terrible

  6. A Long Story

(Album details: 3 CDs; Narrated by Uncle Dan and Aunt Carole; Each episode is approximately a half hour.)