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Listen to the journey of Dolley Madison, a young widow before she met future president and writer of the historic American Bill of Rights, James Madison. Her social skills and hospitality made her famous in Washington society as a beloved First Lady. She remained strong in support of her husband, even as British troops burned the White House during the War of 1812. Then travel with us on an 1862 train rumbling through Pennsylvania. On board is an ailing President Abraham Lincoln, en route to deliver his epic Gettysberg Address. Listen in as Lincoln confides his apprehension to his trusted African-American valet William H. Johnson.

Hear how Elizabeth Keckley, a former slave, overcame abuse and used her acclaimed sewing talents to become the First Lady Mary Lincoln's dressmaker. In "The Hunted" a Montana family escapes an encounter with a Grizzly bear. A family contemplates a temperamental truck and prayer while on a relaxing river float in "A Stalled Truck and Lost Goggles." Great listening for your whole family!

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1 Mrs. Lincoln's Dressmaker - Elizabeth Keckley, a slave who bought her own freedom, becomes Mrs. Lincoln's personal dressmaker and confidant. William H. Johnson, Citizen - Mr. Lincoln's free black valet accompanies the President on his trip to Gettysberg.
2 A Stalled Truck and the Lost Goggles - While on a summer rafting trip, Janet discovers the miraculous power of prayer. The Hunted - God protects a family of campers who come across a grizzly bear and her cubs.
3 The Early Years: Dolley Madison Part 1 - Dolley's early life from childhood through the death of her first husband. America's First Lady: Dolley Madison Part 2- Dolley stands bravely through the turmoil as the British invade Washington and the White House.

Each of these 3 CDs has an approximate running time of 1 hour. The album has an approximate running time of 3 hours.