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Evaluating Books: What Would Thomas Jefferson Think About This?

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Evaluating Books: What Would Thomas Jefferson Think About This by Richard J. Maybury is a collection of guidelines for selecting books (and other media) consistent with the principles of America's Founders.

Evaluating Books teaches principles of economics and government in bite-sized nuggets, and gives indicators for spotting the philosophical slant of most writers and media commentators on the subjects of law, history, economics and literature.

Using the epistolary style of writing (using letters to tell a story), Mr. Maybury plays the part of an economist (Uncle Eric) writing a series of letters to his niece or nephew (Chris). Using stories and examples, Mr. Maybury gives interesting and clear explanations of topics that are generally thought to be too difficult for anyone but experts.

Mr. Maybury warns, "beware of anyone who tells you a topic is above you or better left to experts. Many people are twice as smart as they think they are, but they've been intimidated into believing some topics are above them. You can understand almost anything if it is explained well."


Paperback.  127 pages, quality paper, 8.5 x 5.5 inches.

Reading level: Ages 13 through Adult.

Course Uses: Can be used for courses in Economics, Business, Finance, Government and History.

Corresponding student study guide: Because Evaluating Books: What Would Thomas Jefferson Think About This is, in its own way, a study guide in of itself, this book does not have a corresponding student study guide.

Series Information: Evaluating Books: What Would Thomas Jefferson Think About This is part of the 11 book series: Uncle Eric's Model of How The World Works.
Though there is a recommended order of reading for the series, the books can be read in any order, and each have been written to stand alone.

Table of Contents for Evaluating Books: What Would Thomas Jefferson Think About This?

Uncle Eric's Model of How the World Works
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Author's Disclosure
How to Use This Book
Evaluating Books
America's Founders

Negative Indicators Issue #1. The Great Depression
Issue #2. Franklin Roosevelt's New Deal
Issue #3. Progressive Taxes
Issue #4. Robber Baron Capitalists
Issue #5. Governments Aren1t Greedy
Issue #6. Child Labor Laws
Issue #7. Farmers Had Happier Lives
Issue #8. Poverty and Crime
Issue #9. Wage-and-Price Spiral
Issue #10. Needs of Society
Issue #11. Isolationism
Issue #12. Unions Saved Workers
Issue #13. Social Security is Beneficial
Issue #14. War
Issue #15. Sacrifice
Issue #16. The Founders Motives Were Corrupt

Misleading Terms

Positive Indicators
Indicator #1. Quality of Life
Indicator #2. Individualism
Indicator #3. Accomplishment Deserves Reward
Indicator #4. Higher Law Exists
Indicator #5. Heroes Use Brain Not Brawn
Indicator #6. Evidence vs. Opinion
Indicator #7. Objective Truth
Indicator #8. Tanstaafl
Indicator #9. Overcome Problems & Move Forward

The Great Thanksgiving Hoax
A Tribute to the Statue of Ellis Island
The Founding Fathers: Smugglers, Tax Evaders, and Traitors?
Recommended Authors
About Richard J. Maybury